Summit Tip – How to Hold the Leash

by Brenda Crispin

Hi Everyone,

What you may or may not know is how you hold the leash is a key ingredient to how you work with your dog. If you wrap the leash around your wrist or hand the dog can pull you off balance causing injury to both of you.  Holding the leash at the end, with the loop, provides too much leash and the dog can wander too far from the handler making it more difficult to manage him.  Holding the leash wrong can also lead to us creating an unnecessarily tight leash or one that is too loose allowing the dog to wander and visit others.  A properly held leash can help you feel where the dog is and provide appropriate feedback.  The two links below show the same technique for holding the leash with one hand.

     Link to Video - How to Hold a Leash

     Link to Video - How to Properly Hold a Dog’s Leash

We are often asked how to hold the leash and the clicker at the same time.  I prefer to hold the leash in my right hand along, with the clicker, which allows me to treat with the left hand by my leg which encourages my dog to stay close.

     Link to Video - Clicker Training Basics: How to Use a Clicker

I hope you find the above informative and welcome feedback,

Brenda Crispin
Foster Home Coordinator
Summit Assistance Dogs