Summit Tip – DIY puzzles

Work your pup’s brain and help them eat more slowly…

Hello everyone. There are so many products out there to help you work your pup’s brain and help them eat more slowly.  Like most of you, I feed my dogs twice a day. If they wolf it down in 10 seconds, they spend the rest of the day trying to entertain themselves… But if they must figure out how to get those pieces of kibble and treats, and they spend 10 minutes working on it, I have exhausted, happy dogs. That’s especially important for me because my bored dogs are anxious dogs. Plus, slowing down during mealtime is always a good thing.

Here are some of my favorite home-made food puzzles commonly found on the internet:

*** Important: First things first, remember that no toy is indestructible so always supervise your dog if you think there’s any way they could chew off a piece of any toy and swallow it.


Muffin Tin – So easy!


Turn a muffin tin upside down and spread kibble between the bumps. Your dog will have to nudge the food around from all different angles. One thing I love about this is that the top of the tin is flat, so they can’t just flip it over. This is good for larger dogs, but for smaller pooches try a mini muffin tin.

Keep the tin upright and divide the kibble up between the cups. Add difficulty by covering each section with a tennis ball or other toy.

Muffin tin, right side up.  Put kibble in cups and cover with tennis balls. 


 PVC pipe

For the more rambunctious canines, cut the piping to about 12 inches, drill some random holes (large enough for your kibble), put end pieces on both ends, and you’re done! Your pup must nose it around to get the kibble to fall out.


Towel or blanket

For the laziest of us! Simply spread kibble out under a towel on the floor. Let your dog sniff out and find all the pieces.



What you Need:

·       Ice cube tray or trays

·       Healthy dog biscuits

·       Broth; This can be the water you used to boil your potatoes or veggies in, and then toss an Oxo package in for more flavor than just the cooking water if you like


A toy popsicle

Freeze your pup’s toys for hours of summer fun! 


Recommended commercial products

If you prefer to purchase some things, there are a lot of great commercial products available.  See the links below to some recommended items.

Review the video How to use a Kong (link here)

Kong – Large (link here)

Kong Wabbler (link here)

Kruuse BUSTER Food Cube (link here)

Many shapes and sizes of of slow feeder dog bowls (link here)