Summit Tip - Bitey Dogs

By: Brenda Crispin

Hi Everyone,

I am often contacted by volunteers, friends, and family about what to do when their dog is mouthing and/or biting them.  It is a common issue with young dogs but if not worked with can become a life long issue. I found this article and thought it would be a good share for each of you.  It is short but packed full of good information.  

Some key points I would like to accentuate are to watch your dogs excitement levels.   Often dogs, especially young ones, will use their mouth more when over stimulated. This is the time to removed yourself and the dog from the situation.  Young puppies need their sleep and when they do not get enough they will often become bitey.  Another great tip is to regulate how rough you play with your dog.  If you play rough so will the dog! :))

Lastly,  I find the best option is to offer an alternative object like a toy or bone and remove your self from the equation.  

Please read the attached and feel free to share your thoughts and comments via email or better yet on our closed foster home Facebook site, Puppy Raisers for Summit.  I will post this article there as well.

If there is a topic you would like addressed via a Summit Tip send them my way. I am always open to sharing information and ideas.

Brenda Crispin
Foster Home Coordinator
Summit Assistance Dogs