Summit Tip - Fourth of July

Hello Volunteers,

We have many young dogs that will be going through their first noisy holiday.  No matter how dependable they are with noises and new experiences the fire works can spook them.  Those loud booms and high squealing noises out of nowhere are frightening.

Under no circumstances should you be taking a Summit dog to the fireworks shows.  There is no need for this kind of exposure.

Check the collar on your dog to be sure it is snug enough they can not back out of it.  This is very important. If you don’t put one on at home do it NOW.  Have tags with your number on the collar in the small event they run away that day.

Expend your dog’s excess energy first, before the fireworks start, by taking her on a very long walk or playtime to tire her out and put her in a calm state. 

Keep your dogs inside with you when fireworks are present.  Feed a little early and get any potty routines out the way before dark.  I like to put my dogs to bed before it gets dark and if I have another sound playing in the house, music or TV etc.  Be careful not to play the music or TV so loud that it becomes too annoying either.  If your dog does get nervous you can also put a cover over the crate and put her with crate in a quiet interior room where the noise will not be as prominent (Laundry room, interior bathroom etc).  

If you are going to be with your dog during the fireworks, sending the calming message that there is nothing to worry about will also help him to relax. Remember, though, while humans communicate with words, dogs communicate with body language and energy, and will look to you for clues on how they should behave. If you’re not making a big deal or showing excitement about the fireworks, then he will learn to be less concerned as well.

On morning after, be sure you do a yard sweep and assure there are no remnants of fireworks that your dogs may find.

If your dog does get away,  Please notify Summit (Brenda 360-865-0527)  right away.

Enjoy and know that taking some precautions will help you have an enjoyable and stress free holiday. I wish all of you a wonderful Independence day.

If you need anymore guidance or have any questions please feel free to contact me

Brenda Crispin
Foster Home Coordinator
Summit Assistance Dogs