Summit Tip - Toxic Plants and Food

Hi Everyone,

With Summit in full force and many of us out of the house more often I thought now would be a good time to address some poisonous plants for dogs.  The chart below lists the most common plants seen around our areas.  If your dog ingests any of these plants contact Summit (Brenda Crispin 360-865-0527) and your veterinary office.  I like this chart because it also shows some of the symptoms of toxicity in dogs.  Speaking from personal experience, be familiar with these symptoms.  Recognizing toxicity early is key for the dogs survival.


While I am discussing toxicity with plants, now is a good time to  also mention food that is toxic to dogs.    Many of these are appealing to dogs sense of smell and thereby attractive to there senses.  Symptoms are often the same as was listed above.   The website goes into detail of each food and why it is toxic for dogs.

Have a great week 


Brenda Crispin

Foster Home Coordinator

Summit Assistance Dogs