We do not charge our clients for their service dogs, but we do ask that they contribute to our work in whatever way they can.  The cost of acquiring, training and placing an assistance dog and providing follow-up support to our clients is about $25,000 per dog.  That takes into account food, vet bills, staff time and the cost of dogs who must be career changed because they don’t work out for our program.

We recognize the fact that many people are unable to afford the full cost of a dog, so we do fundraising and grant writing to make it possible to meet the demand for these life-changing partnerships.  However, time spent fundraising is time away from training, so we strongly encourage our graduates to contribute financially and be actively involved in their own fundraising efforts to the extent they can.  We are happy to explore different fundraising ideas. 

We also require our clients to provide consistent care for their dogs on their own, including regular and unexpected vet care, quality food, and treats and toys.