Career Changed Dogs

There are a number of reasons why a dog may be released from our service dog training program.  Some of these reasons may include, but are not limited to: reactivity, prey drive, fear, aggression, medical concerns, etc.  Some of the released dogs will become available for adoption as a family pet.  When we have a dog available and in need of a loving forever home you will see them listed on this page.  

It is important to know that we can go several months without having a dog available and our placement policy is not first come, first served.  Our main priority is matching the dog with the best home possible for its needs.  The age of available dogs can range from 12 weeks to 18 months and the adoption fee can range from $500 to $1500.  When you see a dog listed here that you are interested in being considered for, send an email to to request an application or ask questions. 

We do not maintain a waiting list so there is no advantage to completing an application prior to seeing a dog of interest listed below.  We recommend that you bookmark this page and check it often.

Dogs Available for Adoption

Needed:  Breeder/Caretaker/Forever Home for Phoebe (ad listed below)

In an effort to increase the number of dogs in our program and more quickly meet the needs of our waiting clients, Summit re-implemented our own breeding program in 2017.  We are looking for a loving forever home for Phoebe, one that will first play the role of breeder/caretaker for her until she is retired from breeding puppies for Summit.

What exactly does this mean?  Phoebe would move on immediately to live with her new family, with the family accepting the responsibility of keeping her intact, safe and available to Summit as needed for breeding and whelping purposes.  The family would need to be willing to release Phoebe to Summit for the breeding process, and then again to a Summit location for the whelping of the litter (approx. 10 weeks).  Summit would retain ownership of Phoebe throughout this process.  Upon retiring her from breeding, she would be spayed, ownership would transfer to the family and any adoption fees are waived.

If you’re looking for a great dog and open to helping out a great organization, then keep reading below about Phoebe.



Meet Phoebe, a beautiful 17 month old yellow Labrador Retriever looking for a loving forever home, that is also willing to play the role of breeder/caretaker as described above.

She is sweet, smart, funny, playful, wiggly, easy going and easy to have around the house.  She loves toys (every toy in the toy box will be out), playing fetch and being near her people.  Basically any toy or game that has her interacting with her people is just the best to her.

Phoebe has been raised in our service dog training program and knows many of her basic skills:  come, wait, sit, down, here, let’s go, off, kennel.  She is crate trained and travels well.

She walks pretty nicely on leash and is used to wearing a harness.  She has displayed some chase/prey drive and may get distracted by rabbits, squirrels, birds and pull towards whatever has caught her attention. Due to this, we recommend a home with no cats or other small animals.

She loves running/playing with another dog and lives nicely with them in the home. We would love for her to have a sibling dog of appropriate age/size to be a playmate.  And water, Oh my!  She loves the water!

Due to the fact that she may be inclined to chase something and will be intact, we want a home with a securely fenced yard so that she can enjoy off leash time playing fetch with her people and running/playing with another dog, yet still be safe and secure.

Phoebe would do best in an experienced home with an active family that enjoys interacting with the dog.  A home where someone is around much of the time would be a plus.   Due to this special situation, we would recommend an adult only home or only older children and require a home located within a reasonable distance from Anacortes. 

If you think that Phoebe might be the right dog for you, please send an email to (no phone calls please) to request an application or ask questions.  If your completed application sounds like a possible match for her we would then move on to discuss the breeder/caretaker agreement more thoroughly.