Career Changed Dogs

There are a number of reasons why a dog may be released from our service dog training program.  Some of these reasons may include, but are not limited to: reactivity, prey drive, fear, aggression, medical concerns, etc.  Some of the released dogs will become available for adoption as a family pet.  When we have a dog available and in need of a loving forever home you will see them listed on this page.  

It is important to know that we can go several months without having a dog available and our placement policy is not first come, first served.  Our main priority is matching the dog with the best home possible for its needs.  The age of available dogs can range from 12 weeks to 24 months and the adoption fee can range from $500 to $1500.  When you see a dog listed here that you are interested in being considered for, send an email to to request an application or ask questions. 

We do not maintain a waiting list. We recommend that you bookmark this page, check it often and notify us when you see a dog listed that you might be interested in.

Dogs Available for Adoption


Meet Georgie, a cute and very sweet 22 mo old black Labrador Retriever looking for his loving forever home.  Raised in our service dog training program he has learned many of his basic skills:  sit, down, stay, come, here, wait, leave-it, kennel, tug and is crate trained.  He is still working on his greetings with new people (it's very exciting for him).  He is not suitable to remain in the program due to excitability, prey drive and he needs time to transition to new environments.

Georgie is energetic, playful and enjoys lots of attention from his people.  His energy level can match that of his environment and the more energized/excited he feels, the more jumpy and mouthy he can become.  We recommend a calm home environment with no young children (under 13). Also no cats or other small animals in the home.

Georgie can settle nicely in a crate or tethered.  He is still very much a puppy and busy, if left to his own accord he will find ways to entertain himself.

He enjoys playing with another dog, does best with 1 on 1 play, so an appropriate sized/aged sibling dog or play dates would be great. 

Georgie can walk nicely on leash - he will be distracted by things on a walk – small animals, other dogs – and may pull towards them if they are near enough.  He is a big strong boy at about 70 lbs so he needs an able-bodied handler.

He travels well (in a crate) but would be just as happy being more of a home body over being taken to lots of new places. He does not care for crowded, noisy public places.

He would enjoy a home with an active family that wants to spend time with him playing fetch, tug, hiking, beach walks, and teaching him a new trick or two. He would likely be a great jogging partner, he has really enjoyed the agility equipment he's had access to and he loves the water. He'd be very happy with his own securely fenced yard where he can enjoy playing off leash with his people.

His adoption fee is $1,500.  If you feel that Georgie might be the right fit for your family  please send an email to (no phone calls please) to request an application or ask questions.

Other:  house trained, neutered, current on vaccines, no cats or small animals, no young children