Class of 2017

Brianna & Mabel.pg

Brianna & Mabel

Brianna Vail of Woodinville has lung disease that impairs her breathing and limits her mobility, so she uses a wheelchair.  Her vision and hearing are also affected, and she’s prone to falling.  Mabel will help her get around safely, open doors, pick up dropped items, fetch an emergency phone and give her unconditional love.  Brianna is now a student at the University of Washington Bothell Campus, where Mabel is always by her side.

Kori and Scout.jpeg

Kori & Scout

Kori Gibson of Auburn has arthritis and fibromyalgia, which give her pain and balance issues.  Scout will help her by retrieving dropped items, fetching the phone and helping with laundry. Scout also goes with her to appointments and to her part-time job at Home Depot, where he is a star.

Class of 2016

James and Cooper

James & Cooper

James Abernathy lived in Olympia when he was partnered with Cooper in 2016. He was an attorney for a non-profit organization there but moved back to his native Ohio shortly after graduation. However he continues his work remotely with the Olympia non-profit and is now married.  James had been an active athlete until he sustained a spinal cord injury during his sophomore year in high school.  Since then, he has used a wheelchair to get around and now has Cooper as his wonderful companion and helper.

Class of 2015

Melissa & Tanner

Melissa Mitchell, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, was paired with Golden Retriever Tanner, who will help her by opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off, retrieving dropped items and many other tasks.  Melissa recently moved to Oak Harbor from Oregon to join Summit’s staff as a service-dog trainer.  That makes Tanner sort of an “adjunct” staff member, since he is always with her and can help other potential service dogs learn by example.  Tanner is Melissa’s second Summit dog. In 2007, she was matched with Shiloh, who is now retired.  

Amy & Shane 3.JPG

Amy & Shane

Amy was paired with Golden Retriever Shane, a therapy dog who will work with Amy in her marriage and family counseling practice.  Amy says she often works with children for whom the comfort of a therapy dog can help set them at ease so they can open up and express themselves.  


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