Gretchen and Cricket

Gretchen and Cricket


Summit Assistance Dogs is a nonprofit organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility service dogs for people living with disabilities in the Pacific Northwest.

By assisting with tasks such as retrieving items, opening and closing doors, and turning switches on and off, our dogs help their partners live with greater independence and confidence. These companions can also help diminish depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


We believe all people and animals deserve to reach their highest potential, and that frequently this is best achieved in partnership with one another. We envision a day when every qualified applicant will be able to receive a life-changing service dog from us within six months. 


 Dogs First

  • The well-being of our dogs is our number-one priority.

  • The handling and training of our dogs is humane and compassionate at all times.

  • We are committed to the excellent care of our dogs for life.


  • We value the contributions of others.

  • We recognize the importance of diversity and commit to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness and equality for all.

  • We strive to affirm the worth of others with our words and actions.


  • We employ the highest ethical standards.

  • We strive to demonstrate transparency in every action we undertake.

  • We strive to be trustworthy stewards of our resources.


  • We are committed to excellence and professionalism in everything we do.

  • We prioritize quality over quantity.

  • We strive for continual improvement, so that we will rank among the world’s premier service dog organizations in client satisfaction.


  • We embrace change, new ideas and creative solutions.

  • We recognize that our service-dog partnerships, as well as our global community, benefit when we evaluate existing practices and encourage bold leadership.


  • We are a community, focused around our common passion for the human/animal bond.

  • We strive to work together cooperatively so that we can achieve great things that none of us could achieve alone.

2013 Graduate Teams

2013 Graduate Teams