Foster Home Manual (Index)

+ General Information

     Basic Requirements for Puppy Raisers (pdf)

     Cold Weather Tips (pdf)

     Co-Raising Guidelines (pdf)

     Canine Communication/Body Language (pdf)

     Dog Developmental Stages (pdf)

     Fireworks (pdf)

     Public Access Etiquette (pdf)

     Recommended Reading (pdf)

     Service Vest Guidelines (pdf)

     Summit General Information (pdf)

     Turning In Your Dog (pdf)

     Warm Weather Tips (pdf)

+ Grooming

     Bathing (pdf)

     Brushing (pdf)

     Ears (pdf)

     Nails (pdf)

     Teeth (pdf)

+ Health

     Canine First Aid (pdf)

     Flea and Tick & Worming Prevention (pdf)

     Health and Common Ailments (pdf)

     How to Give Medication (pdf)

     Maintaining a Healthy Weight (pdf)

     Poop Scoop (pdf)

     Post Surgical Care (pdf)

     Sexual Maturity & Females in Season (pdf)

     Vaccinations (pdf)

+ Home Management

     Barking (pdf)

     Confinement (pdf)

     Equipment (pdf)

     Bathing (pdf)

     Exercise and Play (pdf)

     Family Pets (pdf)

     Feeding Guidelines (pdf)

     First Days at Home with Puppy (pdf)

     Bathing (pdf)

     Relieving Guidelines (pdf)

     Safety (pdf)

     Toys (pdf)

+ Training Information

     Field Trip Supplies (pdf)

     Order of Training Chart (pdf)

     Puppy Socialization Guide (pdf)

     Vehicle Loading & Unloading (pdf)

     Weekly Puppy Training Tasks (pdf)